When most people think of Arizona, they think of the desert, the heat, and not much else. However, the state has a huge amount to offer and the bustling cities are far removed from normal expectations. Everything from bustling tech centers to low rent can be found in Arizona for those looking to relocate or just to visit for a while. During the winter months there are even special activities for visitors, known as snow birds, who come to stay for a few months.

It is true that Arizona is hot, but the heat is a very natural and dry heat. It isn’t muggy or horrid feeling, making it easy for most people to adjust within just a few weeks. The sun shines all year round, so even in the winter the state is comfortable and welcoming. Many people find that they actually prefer having the same climate throughout the year, finding that it makes them feel comfortable and relaxed.

Arizona has been experiencing job growth over the last few years as well. With an increase in the minimum wage that brought it up to $10/hr recently, even the lowest paying jobs are appealing to people coming from states with lower wages. Companies have raised their rates for more skilled employees in relation to this increase, giving companies salaries that can compete with many found in neighboring California. They have also upped their investments in the technology field, ensuring that comparable jobs are found as well.

While the state does lack beaches, the huge number of water parks and natural lakes in the mountains more than make up for this. In addition, the beaches of California and Mexico are easy to reach in a car from most of the major cities. This means that a day trip to the beach or a weekend trip to world class resorts is not out of the ordinary.

Rent prices are also extremely low. The average rent in Tucson is under $1000 a month for a 1 bedroom and most 2 bedroom apartments can be had for under that price as well. Coupled with the higher minimum wage, this means that money goes farther than in California or Texas.

Overall, Arizona is a cheap place to live that has a lot to offer to anyone who wants to always be warm. There are welcoming communities for people from any background as well.