True beer drinkers are wonderful people that tend to seek out and try dozens of different styles and flavors of locally brewed beers each month. Typically, the establishments that sell what are called “Craft” beers cater to a more relaxed crowd of free thinking individuals that savor each sip of a new beer and enjoy foods that will accentuate their drinking experiences. This leads them down many unbeaten paths and into festivals where other like-minded people tend to congregate. Usually, there is great music to help with the ambiance, many times live, but always tasteful as well.

There Are Over 1,000 Breweries In The US And Arizona Has Their Share

Of course, there are a huge number of beer drinkers that have only tasted one kind of beer in the last 5 years and that was brewed by a national company owned by a large conglomerate. The best beers are always brewed locally and usually in the backroom of the brew pub so that the beer itself is only a few days old and the flavor is unsurpassed. There will be descriptions on the menu telling visitors the types of hops, where they were grown and the blending of the grains as well.

In Arizona, they’ll have the Mile High Brewfest each year in Prescott usually in the middle of August. This is a great celebration that allows the festive crowd to buy a special beer mug and then sample hundreds of different beers for one low fee as they walk around the giant event grounds. There are always many live bands playing on the several different stages and a new band taking the stage every two hours or so with schedules readily available online and at the event.

In Flagstaff, Arizona you’ll find the Made In The Shade Beer Tasting Festival

This great event is typically in the first few weeks of June every year. It has a 25-year history of providing some of the best craft beer and entertainment in the entire state. There are several stages that provide constant live music with some big-name stars always playing in the evenings. With each entrance ticket, the visitors can enjoy up to 24 beer samplings that are available from hundreds of local breweries. Some of the samples will even be of new beers that haven’t been released to the public yet so they are indeed special.

If you haven’t enjoyed some of the best craft brewed beers of Arizona yet these festivals are a great way to get started. Craft brewing is taking over the market nationwide since once people give it a taste there’s no going back to the watery mass produced garbage that you see advertised on TV.